Came across one of the most toxic games ever

TWISTED TREELINE My team: Poppy (Me) Lux(Verbal abuser) Fiddles(Afk/verbal abuser) Enemy team: Irelia(verbal abuser) Kayn Swain Story: I am in a game as poppy and after about a 4 game winning streak I give up about 5 kills to Irelia. Very bad start to a game. Well Fiddles afks in fountain. But he is very obviously there because he is walking in circles. Claims I am inting(meaning dying on purpose! which I wasn't) and very clearly states that he is WATCHING NETFLIX ON THE OTHER MONITOR. I all chat the fact that Fiddles if afk. Lux AND Irelia backs up the fiddlesticks by saying that because of my inting I deserve an afk in base. Bashing me all game for dying in lane. Riot: Where the hell is the justice? I am honestly done with this game from now on unless you tell me that these players have been punished.

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