Please ban my accounts

Hey admins, I have a specific request that I hope you can help me with. I've been playing League for years now and while i'm not a super high rank, i'm pretty addicted to this game. I've had fights with my significant other about how it's very hard to split concentration while playing a game and tending to things at home, because I don't want to let my teammates down. I've tried to play while not distracted at home, and the more I play, the worse I feel. I was hoping it would be possible for you to ban my accounts for the next few months, to help protect me from myself. Maybe you're thinking, well this wouldn't fix the problem because you could just make a new account and start over. I mainly play ARAM and the occasional summoner's rift so I would need to devote extra time to go through the first few levels to unlock those modes, and honestly, I have no desire to do that. My issues stem from specific parts of my life that I need to address. While I work on fixing and healing those parts, I'm hoping you could help me out here. Thanks
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