Here we go again.

Here we are again a new champ is out and no one knows how to play her. Well you might know how to play her but let me teach you something you can know going forward for all new champs and hell even pretty much every draft mode you play... Banning a champ, even a champ you're hovering, is not bannable. IT never has been, it maybe one day, but it isnt atm and you screaming like a retard saying "You banned my champ 4 man report REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" just makes you look foolish. Wanna test new champs? go to bots, go to blind, or go to litterally anymode that isnt draft because that shit is banned like hot cakes. Ive been banning every new champ for 2 weeks out from their launch since diana (1 week for their initial release 1 week for when she is free her 2nd week after launch) and I have no intentions of ever stopping.
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