Mandatory linked bank account tied to your LoL account for IRL fines for Griefing (for ranked play)

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It's shit like this, in ranked play, that I TRULY believe that there needs to be an active bank account tied to the account to AT LEAST tone down on behavior like this and issue fines to people who grief intentionally. I don't care if you're having bad day, don't play league if that's the case. I don't care if your internet is shit, don't play league if that's the case. But when assholes like this, which are ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL too common these days in ranked, trying to climb is pure cancer and makes me never want to play. I've climbed hard over the past month. I've gone from Bronze 4 to gold 4. I'd be MUCH higher if it were for pieces of shit like this in every 2-3 games. "Hurr durr wait till you're in [Insert rank here], it's even worse LOLOLOL" Why is that even accepted though? Why is it acceptable behavior and something that's just "part of the game"? Update the TOS. Mandate a linked bank account tied to the LoL account and fine these assholes for doing shit like this. I'm ABSOLUTELY sick of it. i LOVE THIS GAME but people like this make the community worse. Even just the threat of a IRL $50-100 fine for griefing would kill this type of behavior OVER NIGHT. This type of bullshit doesn't end unless there are REAL WORLD CONSEQUENCES for this type of behavior because as it stands they'll get a 3 day ban, or more, or even a permaban, and JUST MAKE ANOTHER FREE ACCOUNT AND KEEP DOING IT AND NOTHING CHANGES. NOTHING GETS BETTER. IT ONLY GETS WORSE. Prove me wrong. Edit: Alright, so there may be some legal issues. Easy work around actually. New rule should be that you have to have a set minimum amount of riot points to play Ranked. For the sake of the argument lets say 500rp. If you get penalized for bad behavior in game RP gets deducted instead of actual money. Since you have to buy RP WITH real money it functions the same. Obviously, the more penalties the higher the cost to enter ranked play.
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