Low Diamond, Honor 5 Guide to Better Behavior

I don't see many posts like this often, yet I see tons of posts like "I have skins I can't be banned" so here we go Here's a list of things you probably see day to day playing league MIrroring? I don't know what exactly to call it. You see something funny happen, and you throw up a ? ping. For the rest of the game, this player ? pings you whenever you miss a cs or skillshot the entire game. Joke turns into cancer, or was it flame to begin with? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Soft Int - A lot of interpretations, but to give it some solid form: You play the game, however purposefully put yourself in places/roles/champions where you know you have no chance of success. Typically when autofilled you see this, but it can be Shyvana taking blue and mid throws a tantrum, or just outright trolling. ff at 15 with even score ff at 15 fail with an absurdly broken score, and its some fed champ like kaisa or yasuo {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} Names like mine gg ez {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} A teammate fail to get the trade kill in the most obvious painful fashion, you both die in a 2v1. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} The game sure throws a lot at you. That's why you should ~~uninstall~~ use some of these helpful tips to climb the ladder, not climb the walls. _**Outside of Game**_ Try to reduce the number of solo queue games you play per day - now I know what you're thinking. I'm trying to climb, I want to be platinum by six weeks ago! Chill. You want to maintain ~60% winrate, they say you gotta break some eggs, but don't take a dozen eggs and throw them at the wall. You gotta take each egg, crack it and sizzle it in bacon grease. This means, honestly, be willing to dodge at champion select too. You need extracurricular game knowledge to understand how bad some drafts can be, and of course anything can happen in game, but you gotta know when to fold 'em. Warm up in aram or blind, do some CSing in training mode, dedicate yourself to two or three ranked games to give 100%, and then wind down with TFT or an actual functioning game. There's a level of mental, physical and emotional intensity that competition allows you to feed into, in a way that you can't achieve normally elsewhere. It's why we do it: it's thrilling. You are not built to be _thrilled_ 100% of the time - but there's no 19 year old working the summer at Six Flags on the PA system to tell you to get off the ride, or to put your pants on, you need to get off this rollercoaster yourself. Consciously get up from the desk. During a lengthy death timer/walk back to lane(don't tp to the creepwave please), during queue/champ select, remind your body that it exists. This helps ease your mind as well, as it subconsciously disarms your more aggressive underlying tendencies towards the game - every time you stand up, you remind yourself that it is just a game. _**Inside of Game**_ From the start, you should be trying to actually form a team. Just throw out some words in champ select, fish to see if you have a full set of chromosomes between 5 people. You'd be surprised! I see too many players who refuse to change their ways. If you are first pick top lane, and your jungler is like, I dunno, a Shaco, don't pick a carry that can be easily countered. Your team will probably lack front line and your lane will probably be sac'd regardless. Don't take Grasp vs Teemo: YOU ARE NOT TRIGGERING GRASP AGAINST TEEMO. Spellbook or Aery might feel horrible to take on some champions, but trust me, at least then you will HAVE a keystone. You should have blind picks in your pocket if you aren't seriously some 1-trick nerd (and in that case, try to 1 trick something that doesn't suck into 60% of match ups). In the top lane for example, I use champions like Sion and Cho'gath as a go between that counters ranged harass with lane sustain, and melee match ups with ranged harass. Now you say, "these champions are HARD COUNTERED BY X WTF" but the difference is, you can't really mess up a Cho'gath Silence, and Decimating Smash will be effective in team fights 100% of the time you actually land it, regardless of your build. Plus, I will 1v1 you on ~~ANYTHING~~ not Fiora as Sion. Acknowledge the freeze. If you see this happening to your lane, or if you see your jungler nearby, just try actually typing words to them like a human being. I know, junglers are not typically thought of as human, but when you indulge their gnarly gollum-like nature and sub-reptilian reward centers, tell them they get some free xp to push a wave, they can be of great use to you. Do not type negatively to your teammates. In the post game lobby, who cares, say what you want to them then. The only thing you can do by being rude to your teammates is make your chances of winning go down. Just based on these facts alone, you should not be rude to your teammates out of self interest. You should also not be rude to your teammates because they decided to queue up at the same time as you, in the same game, so as kindred spirits you literally share a tenfold soulbond of time and space that will never be replicated again, but what-the-fuck-ever. My go to method, is: I type out my hateful message, and then do not send it and close chat. I get to scratch the itch but I do not get reported. Whether you are reporting in the post game lobby, or messaging your Riot friend on discord, or just speaking out in all chat that behavior is uncalled for, you can make a positive difference in the game. People will honor you, and they will want to believe in your success in game. They will like you so much that they will want to win, vicariously, through you. Twitch Girls will funnel their donations to you out of love. Honor Orbs with free skins and emotes will rain from the heavens. Fight with honor, live with prosperity. I'm telling you, it's much better than being chat restricted. _**It's not a grey area.**_ Being cognizant of your own emotions as a sentient being, you know when you open your chat in game what your intentions are behind your message. There is no such thing as accidental toxicity - that's like gluten-free drunk driving. What? This is especially apparent when people shortcut to the buzz words. feeder, INTing, bronze, slurs etc it shows to me that this is just an angry person without character or temperament. However, if I go into an explicit harangue on my 0/3 riven that involves bestiality, traffic cones and aurora borealis, but I censor the word h*ck - people like originality. He understands that his play is subpar and possibly gets a laugh at his own expense, and also probably won't report me because we both get it. We're both disappointed, but not mad. It is just a game after all. _**Acceptance**_ There is a point in every game where it is truly lost. Normally that's when the nexus explodes, but sometimes... you can tell sooner than that. This feeling will eventually become like a warm quilt that you place on yourself, rather than a feeling of impending doom. Loss is not something you avoid, it's a force of nature. That's the meaning of climbing - you fight gravity itself, or in this case, matchmaking, that says by default all players will fall. This you know, when you slip, you always have the chance to move forward yet again. Acceptance in loss comes, much like fear, in facing it. The reality is something went wrong, and if it was out of your control the enemy irelia has 15 kills. Nothing could prevent that, but luckily, such a waste of time is usually rare, so you go on. It helps to watch your lane again from the enemy perspective. Watch their cooldowns, watch their aggression, pretend you are attacking yourself with their character and you will understand what opportunity you missed - it's also just very cerebral to watch how other people click the mouse. I also like to watch the enemy jungler and understand when I was and wasn't playing it smart. TL;DR This is all covered in my next book, _Crawling Through the River of Dragons and Blast Cones with a Machete, While Slightly Aroused_. I hope you make League of Legends great again.
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