Account permabanned .. really unexpected

Hi guys .. so I recently as the subject says got permabanned from my main account which I have been playing for more than 5 years now .. spent a lot of money on and was almost going to Plat .. now the reason I got the ban was that I was a bit tilted and had a toxic behavior in 1 game where I flamed one of the teammates ( F*** u .. useless .) not that I condone for this type of behavior I personally hate flamers and toxic people .. however I am really going through tough times in my life atm .. im a medical student and LoL is probably one of the very few things that keeps me a bit sane from medschool craziness .. when I flame I dont actually mean it .. idk if u understand where I am coming from .. I dont say some BS religious/sexual/family/suicidal swearing or cursing , heck no .. I do it only because I am heated in the middle of the game .. I dont always do this, of course, like all of us we have bad time and bad situations. what I want to say is that I don't think I really deserve this ban or if I do .. I am honestly willing of changing this behaviour , I literally am devastated , I put a lot of effort and money into this account .. and getting permanently suspended from playing it made me really devastated .. I opened tickets with the support team .. tried to request a human agent, not the autoreply bot .. still no reply ( been about 1 day now ) I really hope riot staff understand where I am coming from .. I am going through a lot lately , and I know that my behavior in a game cant be justified simply like that .. But I honestly made a promise to become better .. I really want a second chance to prove it that's all .. Tbh I didn't even know a permaban really existed .. until yesterday of course :/ Thank you for reading and sorry for the grammar mistakes
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