New players instalocking blind pick

I am not a new player to this game. I've played multiple accounts throughout the years starting in preseason to season 3 where my first game was fiddlesticks top :P (Ahhhh those were the days....) I am having difficulty with the fact that players aren't being taught how to play the game correctly through an in-depth tutorial going over picking orders, calling lanes, and RESPECT to other players. I enter a blind pick game, politely calling mid and wishing everyone a good day. I wait just a few moments before choosing my champ and locking them in, because I KNOW that someone is going to instalock and steal my lane. This happens ALMOST every game before I can level enough to get to draft . Where is the love, LoL community? Long gone are the good-ol-days where people, even on the internet, had manners and respected one another enough not to be so rune and inconsiderate. What is worse is that I will stand my ground in my lane throughout the hailing of insults and auto attacks on minions to end up with more CS, only for those players to dive in and feed. What should I do? How am I supposed to combat this? If it was one or two games a week it wouldn't be a big deal. But trying to level enough just to pick my own runes and summoner spells is seemingly impossible due to the negligence and negativity of the upcoming community. Where do I turn? Help please and thank you for your time

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