Is not being toxic really necessary to get high Gold/Plat?

So i am just a silver 4 scrub (IK) and twice now i am playing norms and a high gold/plat player is on their team. One time, the player carried the other time the player didn't play well. However both times in game all they do is talk about how they have a higher rank than the other 9 people, send links, bully u about ur current rank and say they are so much better and are also extremely toxic to their teams. Before I thought higher elo players would have better mentality but now im just unsure (Literally all those shitty rank up things say dont be toxic). Is everyone in that elo just insecure about their skill in comparison so they go to lower elos and act all good and shit or how does that work? PS: Im fine with my elo ik why im in it and idm
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