If you see a Int feeder on the enemy side REPORT HIM not encourage him to keep on feeding.

I&#039;ve seen my fair share of games but what piss me off at a enemy is when I have a intentional feeder rather then use common sense and actually rid League of these pest they would encourage it and root them on. I know you aren&#039;t allowed to ask for report but use F**k common sense and if you do actually see a enemy feeding on purpose and ruining his team game then report him not say &quot;No&quot;, Rioter even said if they are obviously breaking the rules then of course you should report them. Every time no matter what if i have a enemy purposely feeding and ruining his team game then I always tell them I would report them not root this guy on so next game he can do it again. I had games where I ask enemy to report and all my team too ask them to report a feeder with this line. &quot;Please report Kalista for feeding&quot; Enemy will always be like &quot;For what?&quot; Me:&quot;For real? 0/15 and tear items walking down the lane&quot; Enemy:&quot;Nah I&#039;ll report you instead&quot; Then him and the feeder would just joke around taunting me and my team for being noob. I pray that these idiots who encourage feeder on the enemy side get matches non stop with intentional feeder on their team so they know how it feels like. EDIT* Dear heaven I keep on seeing idiot defending feeder and no Riot said you can ask for report IF it is CLEAR that they are obviously either toxic in full chat or you have eyes to see a person building full tear item or walking down lane. What Riot ment by asking for report is bannable is when you the enemy can't see him breaking the rule for example you don't know if he is toxic at all because he is not typing in all chat or intentionally walking down lane or dieing on purpose. It's sad to see how much stupid players actually support intentional feeder because "They win me the game"< to these player then get some F**ken skills if you need intentional feeder to actually climb you either suck at the game or just need free win to make it to gold/platinum.Yes I know you only need 1 report which = 9 but if people work together rather then support these feeder then it actually makes a difference in the community showing we don't tolerate Int feeders.
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