Players that are not listening to shotcalls should be banned

By dropping from silver 1 to silver 2, i have noticed that most of my matches, are ending with a loss because most of them doesnt listen to shotcalls (and thats obvious for such an elo like this), but it becomes really frustrating for someone that continously gets front in the game and help his team as much as he can even if they are dont know what they are doing during the game. But really, whats tha point of playing a team game if you dont follow they player that got the lead. I recently met a Malzaxar that lost us the game because he only splitpushed top while we won 3 teamfights before because i had the lead as Aatrox with 7/2/9 KDA and a Riven that went to steal Ocean Drake and died alone while i had the lead again as Pantheon with 10/1/6 (In most of my games im ending up to have the lead because i have experience by ending gold 1 in the previous season). Those games are nightmare, and are being depended by RNG only .Even if you win, you never know if someone ends up to splitpush just because he thinks that he already won while the game didnt over. Do something for those players that are denying to listen to shotcalls. My suggestion for them is to give them a 20 min ban for 5 games if they dont listen to shotcalls
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