Honor level 0 seems like i am getting no progress so i'm wondering.

Hey there Guys. i Was hit with a chat restriction a few weeks ago and recently wondering how and what i can improve to get back to honor level 2(at least) i want to play clash once it hits EUW and i would really be a bummer if i won't get my victorious skin at the end of season because of a bad week irl that caused me to tilt in-game. Is there any red that could give me some insight into my honor status? and what i could improve on. I hit 1 check point after my chat restrictions ended after a week or 2. but seeing people get back to honor level 1-2 within a week is kinda making me think that i'm doing something wrong without any feedback i can't resolve this. i have been thinking it might be related that i use the word fuck in a lot of sentence's and it get's detected as a flag in the report system eventhough i use it only in sentences like "Wow that so much fucking dmg" "fucking hell good job guys" "holy fuck". i have been trying to better myself but not seeing any progress kinda makes me feel like i'm not treated as a person.
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