This will FIX a HUGE PROBLEM with behavior

Please make a feature or setting that will turn on /muteall every game by default. Sometimes I forget or I'm too late to turn it on and people trigger me before I get to it, then I talk shit back to them and then the cycle continues. I'd rather just AUTO-NO-CHAT so I don't have to deal with their kid shit to begin with, and them deal with mine. I don't think that's asking for a lot, but it will prevent a lot of problems for people like myself, a firefighter who has no hesitation in talking shit by the very nature of my field. I may also have a mild form of Tourette's that doesn't help. Doesn't it make sense to allow people who are aware of their behavior the chance to resolve it before it even becomes a problem? You can't change people, but you can change settings. I play better and I'm more team oriented when I don't see people typing "reported this guy" after every bad play or mistake. Add a "AUTO-NO-CHAT" feature please! (Not just for ALL chat, but for TEAM chat as well)
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