A stranger just told me about his life .

Just had someone who i randomly added after a good game telling me this : His gf left him , he lost his job , he is on drug and didn't sleep for 3 days ( i don't know how it works with drug effects but he is still alive ) , and he is spamming league games bc he is depressed and has nothing left to do . He went from plat 3 to plat 5 0 lp and also spam normal games with builds like spell thief jungle teemo . This game is a depressed refuge , Now i understand why riot is taking chat toxicity so seriously . But in fact it would be better if those people spent their time getting their life better instead of killing them selves on league . The fact that he is playing on " whatever mode " probably created a lot of toxicity in his game , because most of people play to win and can't see whats happening behind the screen . So who's fault , the guy who is spamming league while drugged , his mates that got mad of losing , or riot for letting this happen ? This is not a extreme minority and i think it happens to a lot of people , maybe riot just bring back the 35 normal draft win punishments .
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