I got hacked and then banned for scripting

Hello guys, i have a huge problem and i hope to find some help here. This is my first post ever. My main language is german so sorry for this probably bad englisch :D I made this account because of this problem, but i will start telling you know: Quick said: I got perma banned, because i "scripted or used 3rd party programms." And i KNOW that ive been hacked and this hacker did these things. I know that every true scripter will deny the fact, that he actually scripted, but let me explain why it is OBVIOUS, that i didnt scripted and got hacked. A few days ago, when i queued up in a normal draft, something strange happend to me: At the starting of the champion select i got the message, that another Pc just logged into my account. A second later my client closed automaticly. My friends, wich i queued up with, said, that the champ select is still running and i hovered a champion (wich is impossible because my client was closed) I instantly logged myself back into my account and was able to join the champion select and ban/pick champions. I was able to play the whole normal game without any issues and never thought about the things, that happened before, again. 2 Days later i wanted to log myself into my account again and got the message that i was perma banned because of using 3rd party software (known as scripting). I looked into my Match History at LoLKing and saw 6 ranked games i never played. In these games Kalista was played two times wich i never played in my life in ranked or even in normal. Same with Karthus wich was played one time. Then we have here one Yasuo game. Its been a loooong time since i played him legit in ranked. The only legit champs are Varus and Cassiopeia. But its been a while that i played these champs aswell. To summarize: I got hacked and my account got banned for something an other person did. I have more reasons for you, that i wouldnt even think about scripting: 1. First thing: I love League of Legends. Damn i really love it, i love the champions, the lores, the gameplay, the tournaments. I just love it. And i hate it when someone comes and destroys the fun from the game with scripting or flaming. 2. I spent about 400-500 ā‚¬ in this account. 3. The ranked season 9 starts soon. Wouldnt it be logical when i start scripting when the new season starts, so i can climb really fast? 4. This reason goes together with reason 3. Why would i script in a normal draft? You dont get anything except a bit blue essences and maybe some honors for winning a normalgame. I hope you understand my situation and why im very sad and angry about this whole topic. I already sent a ticket to the german Riotgames support. They didnt responded yet. What are your thoughts about this? Im scared that i lose my account for such a unlucky thing! Sincerly TimoTry (my summoner name, if you want to look up my match history and stuff. The hacker started with playing Kalista and ended with playing Yasuo)
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