"Toxic Behavior" ... where?

Can someone please elaborate where this "toxic behavior" worth a chat ban is? this is unaltered, and from my report log on sign in. *edit* I DID put in a ticket, but I'd like to see where it was even worth reporting me??? In-Game Linuxpenguin2: man I just experienced tarzaned for the first time Linuxpenguin2: that dude is the most toxic person ive ever seen Linuxpenguin2: tarzaned Linuxpenguin2: hes rank 1 NA Linuxpenguin2: gj Linuxpenguin2: sorry mate, my hp was too low to hop in there Linuxpenguin2: cool Linuxpenguin2: lets make him rage quit Linuxpenguin2: wtf is this zyra doin haha Linuxpenguin2: damn Linuxpenguin2: i cant contest drake Linuxpenguin2: push bot lane please Linuxpenguin2: they are top Linuxpenguin2: what are you doin man Linuxpenguin2: go to your lane man Linuxpenguin2: this tristana is killin me lol Linuxpenguin2: haha Linuxpenguin2: trist, you're csing while Im getting attacked man Linuxpenguin2: you need to help out Linuxpenguin2: youre a ranged poke Linuxpenguin2: much better thank you Linuxpenguin2: hes pushing lane Linuxpenguin2: if you'd have pushed earlier, we wouldnt hav been in that spot Linuxpenguin2: youre down 7 kills Linuxpenguin2: and 3 turrets Linuxpenguin2: and a drake Linuxpenguin2: the 2nd most important one Linuxpenguin2: got it Linuxpenguin2: MF bot side Linuxpenguin2: haha nice ult Linuxpenguin2: ? Linuxpenguin2: trist please stop talking lol Linuxpenguin2: buddy Linuxpenguin2: you alone lost us this Linuxpenguin2: yeah Linuxpenguin2: because you single handedly did nothing Linuxpenguin2: trist, youre confusing your lack of feeding for good play. You're bailing when I ganked 3 times Linuxpenguin2: really screwed me over Linuxpenguin2: not pushing turret Linuxpenguin2: really screwed bot lane over Linuxpenguin2: i mean i dont know what to tell you dude Linuxpenguin2: ill get it Linuxpenguin2: sup Linuxpenguin2: cant wait to see trists damage Post-Game Linuxpenguin2: *sigh Linuxpenguin2: I knew it Linuxpenguin2: lowest Linuxpenguin2: did a little more damage than soraka Linuxpenguin2: yeah :-/; Linuxpenguin2: went to gank and he just stood there Linuxpenguin2: didnt push lanes Linuxpenguin2: didnt contest drakes Linuxpenguin2: did no damage Linuxpenguin2: but so proud of that CS, which is actually not very good Linuxpenguin2: nt soraka Linuxpenguin2: that was probably an unfun lane
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