You can get punished for talking sense to your team, stopping two guys from inting, and winning game

So, I had Vayne-Soraka bot, we were winning and enemy Cho'Gath was afk, but these two started fighting each other for something stupid like Soraka taking two lasthits by accident. Vayne started inting and went something like 0/5 while flaming Soraka, Soraka got mad and started running it down mid too while flaming Vayne back. I talked sense into both of them, they both said "Ok but just for you mate", they muted each other and only talked to me, they played the game well and we won the game in the end, I got 3 honors from my team. I know I did some things wrong, like using caps lock and asking "are you 12 year old?", but cmon... Here's the chatlog with very minor changes to make it more clear who's talking to who (I changed words like "you" to "soraka" and "dude" to "vayne", nothing that affects the actual conversation): Gibo51lt: omg fail stun sry Gibo51lt: cho afk Gibo51lt: akali can snowball mid after lvl 6 Gibo51lt: kill hjim Gibo51lt: akali you should gank mid Gibo51lt: AKALI CAN YOU HELP YOUR TEAM? Gibo51lt: vayne omg Gibo51lt: 4v5 Gibo51lt: don't go afk Gibo51lt: they hvae cho afk Gibo51lt: vayne Gibo51lt: you wanna get banned because of soraka? Gibo51lt: well riot don't know that Gibo51lt: all their algorithm see is you go afk Gibo51lt: vayne so what Gibo51lt: this is free elo Gibo51lt: akali carry easily Gibo51lt: you play to lose ? Gibo51lt: or to win? Gibo51lt: soraka stop flaming her back please Gibo51lt: jsut mute her Gibo51lt: and let her play Gibo51lt: stop it omg Gibo51lt: vayne and soraka mute each other Gibo51lt: and play Gibo51lt: for win Gibo51lt: pls Gibo51lt: vayne stop she's not worth it Gibo51lt: soraka you're reported too if you troll Gibo51lt: soraka you're no better than vayne if you do that Gibo51lt: no just push Gibo51lt: let her last hit Gibo51lt: she will carry late Gibo51lt: soraka chill Gibo51lt: soraka chill he's not gonna report anyone lol Gibo51lt: "fck you all" what did I do soraka ?? Gibo51lt: don't let vayne ruin game for the rest of us Gibo51lt: omg Gibo51lt: well let her say anything she want Gibo51lt: mute her Gibo51lt: JUST MUTE EACH OTHER NOBODY ELSE CARES ABOUT YOUR FIGHT Gibo51lt: YOU ARE TWO RANDOM PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET, WHY DO YOU CARE OF EACH OTHER? Gibo51lt: soraka you come league to play or to talk ? Gibo51lt: if you come to play and have fun, then ignore vayne Gibo51lt: I am not on anyone's side Gibo51lt: i don't care who said what Gibo51lt: I just want you both to be quiet and focus on game Gibo51lt: I don't care who started Gibo51lt: "but she started" are you 12 year old? Gibo51lt: I come here to play after a stressful work day Gibo51lt: and all I see is people fighting each other Gibo51lt: when there's an enemy to fight Gibo51lt: yeah and vayne also hopes you lose all games, so what? Gibo51lt: you're two strangers online Gibo51lt: I just hope we can play the game and have fun together and kick the enemy's ass... Gibo51lt: n1 stun vayne Gibo51lt: nicee Gibo51lt: 1-3-1 Gibo51lt: nah not yet Gibo51lt: we need one pick Gibo51lt: then we can baron without risk Gibo51lt: vayne we can probably, but get one pick so it's safer Gibo51lt: 1-3-1 ? Gibo51lt: 2-3-0 better Gibo51lt: gg guys There was also another game in my ticket where I did flame, but the thing is, that other game happened like a week prior to this game. What this means is that the first game alone wasn't enough to get me banned, Riot still allowed me to continue and show that I can improve. Which I did, and didn't flame ever again. Until, apparently, this chat log that I posted above. Which almost unarguably isn't flaming since I helped my team get their shit together and am the only reason we won the game.

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