In-Client Behavior Reform Cards

Good evening all, I was talking to Riot IronSights about my recent chat ban and he advised me that if I had suggestions for the disciplinary design I should make a discussion here in order to get community and faculty feedback. I have played this game for over 7 years and have never received a warning for anything and I was caught extremely off-guard at receiving a chat ban tonight. It was explained to me that a 10 game chat ban is the lowest form of punishment and that there no longer exist any sort of warning before hand. It was also explained that the 10 game chat ban was suppose to encourage players to mute others instead of communicating when they were being negative to you. When I received the chat ban I didn't see anywhere that explained to me and really it only showed me my own text that was being used as reason for the punishment. Suggestions: A In-Client Behavior Reform Card that is a warning rather than an instant punishment Positive reinforcement with suggestions of how to handle other toxic players shown within the warning card Possible warning messages sent directly to an individual who is being toxic DURING THE GAME. For example, if a player was being toxic and individual would be able to report them DURING the game rather than feeling like they need to respond and the current transcript of the game could be scanned via script and if there was excessive language or anything similar they would receive an instant warning while they were playing. This might deter others from joining in or against the person who is originally creating the problem. What other suggestions might you all have? Keep in mind, and riot can confirm this or not, they are looking mostly towards automated processes as monitoring all of this using manpower is extremely exhausting. V/r, BountyHunterFett
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