I was Perma banned after having my behaviour reset for 1 bad game

So i was playing ranked against a vlad as riven. i got a 1v1 trade and we both died. then i tped back and we did it again. my jungler tells me i need to play safe. i say yeah and i stay under tower all game. then he keeps telling me im a feeder and i should play safe(note i was under tower whole game) my jungler never came and i pointed it out. then he kept saying it (Never used vulgar language either not a single swear word) then draven (his premade) kept callling me a feeder so i said muted and muted him did graves kept flaming me for no reason and then i just told him i was playing safe all game what do you want me to do and stuff but then i got reported by probably 3 people exept kennen he was nice and understanding. i reported the flamers but then i got the perma ban message. note that i wasnt on thin ice anymore since i got the good behaviour message and had my honor leveld up again. Yet after 1 bad game i got perma'd and im in tears right now seeing i put so much time into this account. i really want a second cchance and an explanation on how i got perma'd after 1 game even tho i had good behaviour. PS. this was 2 months after my 2 week ban and i have only been showing good behaviour since then and barely used the chat just out of fear that this would happen, and yet it did after 1 game
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