I just got perma banned is there no way for a different punishment?

so i was playing ranked today and got kinda tilted at my team for calling me useless and other things way more toxic then what i said and now im perma banned. i understand what i said was kinda bad since i did get banned for 14 days like 3 months ago but i dont think a perma bann was right i think just restricting my chat for 999 years would have been much better since i tried to win. lucky for me i have a smurf which has never been banned and has honner level 5 but for this account at one point was the same untill i tilted to oblivion. EDIT: i feel like i created a S*** storm in the comments all this post was meant to be about is for there to be a alternative punishment insted of getting perma banned. although i do apreaciate the support :) heres the chat logg Game 1 In-Game outcastdiagram: fuck outcastdiagram: i wanted to check scutle not drag outcastdiagram: run outcastdiagram: back outcastdiagram: just kill tyhe zyra outcastdiagram: janna nice int outcastdiagram: siver wtf outcastdiagram: nice int outcastdiagram: nice flashg outcastdiagram: just take my bluie outcastdiagram: i have no jungle top outcastdiagram: no stop outcastdiagram: renekto outcastdiagram: renekton fucking stop or im afk outcastdiagram: im fucking behind and you take my farm outcastdiagram: like wtf outcastdiagram: fuckjk you outcastdiagram: do it outcastdiagram: i know thats why im split pushing outcastdiagram: nice team XD outcastdiagram: 3v5 dont outcastdiagram: thank godf outcastdiagram: dont know why you ping me im behind outcastdiagram: hold up outcastdiagram: no vision cant outcastdiagram: if siver or janna said anything just let them know i muted them outcastdiagram: one person top outcastdiagram: still higher level then both their jungler and our adc outcastdiagram: fuck you guys outcastdiagram: good outcastdiagram: they gonna take it outcastdiagram: your the one that got caught out outcastdiagram: wtf outcastdiagram: do you want me to run it down or do you want to won outcastdiagram: win outcastdiagram: ok ill run it down outcastdiagram: good luck outcastdiagram: take barron for free my team deserves to loose now outcastdiagram: open mid outcastdiagram: fuck my team im not playing outcastdiagram: better mid wins Post-Game outcastdiagram: fuck you all outcastdiagram: still higher then siver

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