Bad Game Design and why I'm leaving League of Legends for good.

Hi everyone. I'm quite aware that on the forums most people seem to talk about League's player base as toxic and what have you. They beg Riot to punish these players, when most of them do not grief but are just verbally abusive. Instead of trying to understand these players, they are demonized and are unable to enjoy the game as the rest of you do because of their human instinct. In a very toxic environment, with a lot at stake, with 4 other players and every other kind of psychological thing to make somebody snap, it's actually to be expected to have a toxic game. Any team game, or competitive game is. Two of my accounts have been permanently banned due to this and for that reason I will not be returning to League. I enjoy the game but I dislike how you aren't allowed to enjoy the game because everyone has a thin skin. My only regret - spending thousands of hours in this game and spending hundreds of dollars on it. I wish I had invested my money into a better company but it seems like Heroes of The Storm will finally allow me to do that. I believe this game will eventually die and the sooner that happens, the happier I'll be. My advice to you is this though. Instead of restricting chat for negative behavior, have a way to turn it off before you enter games, so verbally abusive players can moderate themselves when it comes to stressful gameplay. Just being able to mute others is not enough. Instead of limiting their chat, completely restrict it, so they are forced to be good in order to chat with teammates, or turn it off in the options settings prior to entering games. This would fix a large amount of the toxicity you see in your game, Riot. Unfortunately, you don't know how to prevent it and instead of going about it the right way, you permanently ban these players and therefore lose $. That is the flaw in your game and my simple solution would save your company a lot of money and make a lot of players happy. I'm never going to return to this game though. It will eventually be bested, so I can put this genre off or just play HOTS, which is better in many regards. Good luck Riot, hopefully you will fix your game. Hire some competent staff, etc.
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