PSA: tilted? Stop ranking.

So, I did a quick note on how many toxic people in my ranked games vs. norms over a period of time. Keep in mind my sample size was very small, and may not apply to everyone. Results: Ranked games: 7/10 games had at least one toxic player in it Norms: 2/10 games had one toxic player in it Now, this would also make sense, because norms is much more chill. You don't have much to lose, and more casual players tend to frequent this game mode. For maximum chill, head to ARAM or a bot game. Or just mute everyone in your ranked games. P.S. Someone once gave me great advice for ranked: You win a game? Keep going. You lose a game? Stop and go play norms until you win a game. Never play a ranked game when not sober. Never play a ranked game with people unmuted when you're in a bad mood. Flaming people increases your chances at losing. (This was actually backed by a study, I'll see if I can find it, but in a FPS game, it was noted higher elo players tended to be more friendly) Don't play ranked past 12 AM/when you feel tired Deep, regular breaths do prevent tilt Take frequent, two minute breaks/stretches
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