Had bad string of games with AFKs and surrenders when winning

So I got to gold and was winning games pretty good. Then I had a horrible string of games. AFK’s on my team almost every game because they went 0-1 or 0-3, people that spam surrender 4-1 when we are winning and I am a super fed Kled. One of my ranked victory's literary came from a 4 v 5. Anyways now I feel like my account is locked in “prisoners island” or something in regards to ranked. In my last game I will admit I played poorly (my first loss of the season on Karthus) but I was playing against a bronze Vlad that was clearly a diamond level smurf, verbally abusing me the entire game and my team joined in and our toplaner went afk after two deaths and constant verbal abuse. I have played ARAMs instead because my ranked experience is just people spamming surrender vote if they personally are not winning. In ARAM I keep on getting multiple dodges in champ select and then my team ends up with a bad comp and the enemy team always has one player that is extremely unsportsmanlike and talks trash the entire game which most of the time they are simply winning because of team composition. Add onto the fact there is no “for fun” mode like Nexus Blitz and Dominion, and I just don’t wanna deal with people’s attitudes in this game anymore. I do think that summer vacation/spring break might play a part in this but honestly I don’t think Riot can fix the issue of their players attitudes. In some sense I think they helped cause the problem by not banning people who go AFK intentionally in the one mode that should matter the most. I would actually guess AFKs are highest in ranked modes compared to other modes which should not be the case. AFKs in ARAM are usually because the person is AFK for a little at gamestart or connection issues. AFK’s in ranked games are highly likely ragequits especially in minutes 3-15. Most of the time the AFK person says why they are AFK’ing in chat too.
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