What if you are toxic and you dont know it?

I lost my honour 3-4 times. And I don't want riot to actually think I am toxic, like I would be silent and ok for a while. But when I am angry, ESPECIALLY AT SOLO QUE. I lose my stuff, sadly toplane has so many harassers that make you tilt hard. And what makes it worse is your team flaming you, what do you do? Are you gonna do what I did and flame them back and get banned for it? What I do I simply tell them before the game starts that I am gonna mute them and only keep their pings unmuted. I tell them In a nice way that I can not stop flaming and this is the way to fix it, since then I didn't have a problem losing my honour. The other part is the enemy team, talking to them has 0 benefits. Really nothing, just mute them if you have to. Do not get banned when you don't deserve it, we all tilt and start flaming its normal. Just have fun, ban urgot and go win some games. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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