Transferred account to another server to avoid Honor penalties. Boy, is my face red right now.

Earlier in the year I got flamed pretty hard in a flex game. I flamed back. We were both to blame but I deserved my chat restriction since I should have just stayed quiet. I have a problem with getting baited really easily, and it's something I'm working on. Stopped playing for a couple of months, came back in last week of the season and hit Challenger Tier in Solo Queue. By the time I hit this, I was still Honor Level 0, Checkpoint 1. Friend told me I could just transfer server to get the Orianna skin in another server. Did my own research, saw that Riot had no official stance about it even though there were multiple high visibility threads about it, so decided to pay the 2600 rp for it (+ another 2600 to transfer back later). Saw today that Riot are offering a chance for players to reform. My account is now on Japan with Platinum rewards, but for obvious reasons I would like to have the chance to reform on my home server and claim the challenger tier rewards instead. Riot, is there any chance you could let me reform on my home server? Thanks,

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