so i got threatened with a ban

so the game i just ended my bot lane were speaking Chinese so im like okay %%%%%%%%%%% chang. get involved in the convo you know. and it turns out they speak english and decided to tell me "send me 50 bucks to my pay pal and ff the game or i get you perma banned"(my bot lane) one of which tried to speak to me in broken spanish.(i am hispanic) started calling me a racist for it. After the game this player decided to flaunt how many people he got banned for it see now my problem with this is 1. why the fuck is everyone so sensitive over jokes at this point and 2. if its in the fucking chat logs that this guy is trying to take money for this why are the bans going through lol (if it is true) ohh and on a last note they tried to ff at 20 mins after they tried to run it down mid over and over again in 2v5s
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