playing offmeta builds is bannable by riot logic

Nightblue3 gets his teammate banned for playing roaming teemo support thanks to his 'riot friend'
as we seen NB3 shitty behavior hes is so toxic towards others and doesnt get banned and playing offmeta gets you banned riot srrsly needs to work on their rules and ban these toxic twitch streamers its not fair that ppl who really try hard gets banned while streamers can just sit afk and get banned ive been pretty toxic myself for few years now and i havent been banned or restricted for few times only once just shows how trash riot reporting system is and credit goes to streamers streamers shouldnt be taken lightly they should have same treatment as players who doesnt stream and riot should really change rules reporting system is useless it gets abused a lot while riot made offmeta builds video that playing them is fine but its clear as day its not if you get reported by streamer by their riot friends seriously these devs piss me off so much game is fun but its been so shit from season 5 till now so many mistakes were made by riot
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