Amazing Game, Terrible Community

I recently returned to playing league after an absence mainly to focus on finishing school and getting a job. I finally have some free time so I am getting back into it, and I've noticed that the community is much worse than when I left . I cant make a single mistake without people calling me trash and openly talking shit in global chat blaming everything on me. I don't mind criticism but all people do is talk shit about everything. And If it seems like every game is full of people who "got banned/ suspended, lvling up new account" which I fell is bullshit but even if you are a 'smurf' I feel like its kind of strange to lambast newer players for not being as good as somebody who supposedly plays more than they do and indulges in "ranked" and so on and if that is the case I feel like either say something helpful or shut up get to lvl 30 so you can play ranked while. in conclusion; I will still play the game, as it is immensely fun however i'm just gonna mute everybody on all teams until I hit lvl 30(which wont help communication)outright just so I don't have to deal with toxic shit aimed at anybody cause its hard to focus on learning a hero when people are just tilting all day over anything. I love you all happy gaming :) p.s. I'm not really upset to be honest, more disheartened.

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