"Meta is a SUGGESTION, Not a RULEBOOK" (Aka "The Cult Of Meta")

Meta is a suggestion, Not a rulebook! This was the best way to describe the "Meta" enforcement However I am noticing more and more people are treating "Meta" like a fundamentalist cult. They will not suggest, but Dictate what the rest of thier team played as. Got into a match and thankfully did not disclose my pick intent. {{champion:498}} instantly went off and banned Supports {{champion:145}} pick intent. When asked why she did that. {{champion:498}} Went on and on about how The pick intent was "not a support" I went {{champion:16}} Top lane and {{champion:498}} spent the entire game degrading and harrassing teammates because "this is how its supposed to be. Top has to play tank, Mid has to play mage, then jungle is an assassin, and Adc and support". She was especiously demeaning and degrading to Me and support for our "off meta" picks. Repeatedly telling me how "You went soraka top lane, you arent allowed to talk" and she spent the entire game dictating her subjective view of the "meta" or "how things supposed to be" to the rest of her team. Shooting down anyone who dared suggest playing off meta as "a fucking idiot" Even when the other team in post game was telling her that there is nothing wrong with off meta, she would just dismiss them as "idiots" and repeat how "No you idiot, Thats not how the game is played" This is why I cant stand meta players, they become Mindless sheep, fundamentalist cultists. Anyone who doesnt play according to -their own- subjective view of "current meta" is treated like they need to be permabanned from league, hunted down, and burned at the stake. I dont care how badly you idolize the meta, It is not your place to dictate and enforce it on everyone else. Especially when you talk down to your team and call them idiots for not playing WHO and HOW you want. If you go out of your way to intentionally tilt your teammates because YOU see their choices as "beneath" you, then the loss is on you, because you have already thrown the first punch, lit the first flame and started the first toxicity before the match had even started.
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