Why do antagonists always go unpunished?

I see this all the time in League of Legends: One person will be having a really bad game where they just lost their huge advantage on someone by getting camped or maybe they died in jungle and got their buffs stolen. They'll start to show their discomfort in chat saying stuff like hey what are you doing come and help me a little. You would expect their teammates to show some empathy but nope. What's the #1 response in this type of situation? "Why are you so mad?" Usually it's a lot more aggravating than that, but it's just an example. They just asked a question so the other person who is already having a bad game is going to respond, and the response never looks pretty. Many games start like this and many games are lost like this. Everyone likes to blame the person who was having the bad game for the whole toxic environment thing but why are the antagonists always left out? If anything the people who can't feel empathy and the people who are just silent and don't help are the ones that start problems. I think we need more punishments for those that antagonize and I just wanted more opinions. P.S. No I did not get a chat ban or something as a cause for this post. I just recently had a Thresh in my game who just kept antagonizing me after I lost my advantage against a Riven. I asked the jungler for help and Thresh decided to randomly go into all chat and call me a mad boy and all this dumb stuff. Also just a fyi, I shouldn't have to mute someone to be able to enjoy the game, but yes I did mute thresh after his 5th comment about me. Found a really good post on the old league forums talking about this: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=198717
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