Ping Spam Ruined Another Game

I think ping spam annoys me more than when people are swearing and being negative in game. It's one thing to ping the bush to warn enemy is coming, it's a totally different thing when your Graves ping the enemy every single time they are in sight, even though they are way behind the turret. This Graves was telling mid he was trolling and pretty much being negative to everyone when he was being annoying the whole game with endless pings. I was Blitzcrank and I would grab them at every opportunity, and every time I grabbed them, he would start pinging the other enemy 3-5 times and say 'grab' when it was obviously still on cooldown, and then every time he recalled he would ping fall back as many times as possible. Whenever our team would go in when he's not there, he'd ping fall back again as many times as possible. Then when I ping for a legitimate reason 'enemy missing' when 3 enemies were roaming the bush then he dies 20 seconds later he starts saying 'noob crank'. I know this was probably a little kid or something, but the ping spam alone ruined the game, nevermind his annoying attitude. Everyone else was being relaxed and only using pings for legitimate reasons, and this Graves just felt like causing chaos in what would have otherwise been a very pleasant game where we worked together well.

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