How the hell does someone not get banned with this? Ok that makes no sense let me give you a little context. I was in a game with 2 friends. I was adc. My friend was queued as sup but got his secondary jg. Anyways I quickly realize this support is trolling. I have an awful game. I couldnt do anything. He would sit in a bush and wait til I died then bang come out of the bush and fight. He then blames me for inting. I insult him a total of 4 times. I get a two week suspension. I did have a chat restriction before but it skipped two. HOW? I have no clue. Anyways I decided to check his op.gg. He had a 17% win rate with too many games for me to count. It was well over 100. HOW IN THE HELL WAS HE NOT BANNED? Also it's not just him getting insanely unlucky with teams. He is trolling. Constantly 0-13, 2-13. 0-10. Not only this his runes were interesting. One example he played thresh multiple games in a row. First two he had aftershock, somewhat normal thresh runes. But the game after, still thresh, during the same day, he had electrocute. How the fuck. Im so confused. He didnt even have a suspension. There was no week break/two week break. This person has been playing for nearly two months and nothing has happened. Yet somehow I flame him for his trolling, and I get a two week suspension. So I leave you with this WHAT THE FUCK RIOT Edit: My initial estimation of 4 insults was wrong. The official riot employee could only state 3. Those of which being "Garbage." This was isolated from the rest of the message. "Dumbass." It was a pyke and he waited til I died to ult and make sure only he got the gold. I had said in a previous message "Do that before." The last insult is "Idiot." He was blaming me. I said "Idiot you're the problem." You know but he gets away for 2 months saying people are "R--arded" Multiple times in one game while he ints. I just dont get it. How do people get away with this shit. Second edit: I was in a three stack at the time, and we all agreed to report the pyke. My buddy who hadn't played again after that game logged on and got the message saying he was punished. While this is good as hell it doesn't take away from the main point that he got away with hard inting for two months. It looks like there are more posts about similar things and I'm just happy this is getting attention. There are real issues here man.
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