What's better as a support; a passive play style or a more aggressive one?

I have two friends who got me into this game and they have totally different viewpoints on this topic. I'm pretty new so I don't know which one is right. One of my friends says I have to play more aggressive (since I have a passive play style) and the other one is saying that my play style is fine and he's just mad that he overextended on his gank and wants to blame me. (Since the one who says I should play more aggressive is a jungler. the one who says I should play passive is the ADC) Here is my play style: I play Blitzcrank and I only push when I land a hook or when the other team has less health or level than me. If they they are hiding behind a tower, then I back off. If both teams have the same health and same everything I never go in until I land the hook. I never push against top laners unless I have the support of a top laner myself. If they have more people than us, I will say to my ADC that we should retreat until help comes. (Unless they are all weaker than us) I'm open to criticism and tell me who is right in this situation. I genuinely don't know who is right.
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