False Asscuations

So I got banned on my other account because this Shen. He lied to the enemy team and said I called him a F word And A N word and I end up getting banned on my account. In the chat logs theirs nothing of me calling him either of those words.After the game he friends me and I accept and tells me to kill myself. Game 2 was 2 days before I got banned? Shen says I was inting and calling people homophobic things. Game 1 Shen was in Game 1 SubwayEatFish: OH SubwayEatFish: Ignite will not help us SubwayEatFish: gg SubwayEatFish: well SubwayEatFish: i havent seen you SubwayEatFish: help anyone? SubwayEatFish: what? SubwayEatFish: k SubwayEatFish: your lucky SubwayEatFish: i cant say anything bad to you or i get banned SubwayEatFish: you havent ganked SubwayEatFish: ANYONE SubwayEatFish: we fe? SubwayEatFish: we fed? SubwayEatFish: nami SubwayEatFish: has 4 deaths SubwayEatFish: shes squishyt SubwayEatFish: i told you SubwayEatFish: i can adc SubwayEatFish: so SubwayEatFish: be quit SubwayEatFish: be queit SubwayEatFish: quiet SubwayEatFish: 1/5 garen SubwayEatFish: 2/4 annie SubwayEatFish: 1/2 SubwayEatFish: 0/4 SubwayEatFish: you saying we fed? SubwayEatFish: i did SubwayEatFish: i have 2 of the 16 deaths SubwayEatFish: thanks SubwayEatFish: ill be reporting you SubwayEatFish: for? SubwayEatFish: you cant report me for nonthing SubwayEatFish: i can report you for harrasmnet SubwayEatFish: report me SubwayEatFish: why? SubwayEatFish: i didnt do nonthing SubwayEatFish: your report would be useless SubwayEatFish: i have no negative attitude SubwayEatFish: your funny SubwayEatFish: riot doesnt decide SubwayEatFish: the system does SubwayEatFish: i havent said anything SubwayEatFish: mute dan reported SubwayEatFish: and* SubwayEatFish: bye SubwayEatFish: rip SubwayEatFish: report shen harrasment SubwayEatFish: please and thanks SubwayEatFish: <3 SubwayEatFish: wow SubwayEatFish: didnt SubwayEatFish: nami SubwayEatFish: good job SubwayEatFish: you tried SubwayEatFish: i dont blame you SubwayEatFish: you didnt flame me SubwayEatFish: you just kept playing SubwayEatFish: ;p SubwayEatFish: lucky nami SubwayEatFish: xd SubwayEatFish: was to get you out SubwayEatFish: not in SubwayEatFish: wp SubwayEatFish: im not racist tho SubwayEatFish: d; SubwayEatFish: they are lieing SubwayEatFish: he has the maturity of a 9 year old SubwayEatFish: i find it quite funny SubwayEatFish: cant wait for the instant feedback report SubwayEatFish: im voting no because i want more evidence for this shen to get reported SubwayEatFish: wp SubwayEatFish: we SubwayEatFish: dont have SubwayEatFish: a teemo? SubwayEatFish: urgot SubwayEatFish: your gonna report me? Game 2 SubwayEatFish: WOW SubwayEatFish: botlane SubwayEatFish: rlly SubwayEatFish: toplanew SubwayEatFish: f3rvnhib2 SubwayEatFish: j[moj SubwayEatFish: gpow0-jnbwS SubwayEatFish: \ SubwayEatFish: why is jayce 9/0 SubwayEatFish: why do i have 1/3 of my teams kills SubwayEatFish: why do i have SubwayEatFish: a 0/6 ryz SubwayEatFish: jesus SubwayEatFish: help me SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: its ryze SubwayEatFish: he fed him SubwayEatFish: we cant SubwayEatFish: kill him SubwayEatFish: i cant flame him SubwayEatFish: just report ryze inting SubwayEatFish: he ran it down mid SubwayEatFish: yes you di SubwayEatFish: i watched you SubwayEatFish: you litery ran into the tower SubwayEatFish: if we try to ff SubwayEatFish: somone will say no SubwayEatFish: so no point SubwayEatFish: wp SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: no we cant SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: no SubwayEatFish: no thanks SubwayEatFish: im godo SubwayEatFish: im 6/4 SubwayEatFish: i tried SubwayEatFish: my best SubwayEatFish: we got SubwayEatFish: A 0/9 toplaner he rlly is behind SubwayEatFish: ryze SubwayEatFish: go farm SubwayEatFish: or something SubwayEatFish: i can solo kill him SubwayEatFish: gj SubwayEatFish: i dont really care SubwayEatFish: im trying SubwayEatFish: its normals SubwayEatFish: GUS SubwayEatFish: d; SubwayEatFish: you guys didnt help SubwayEatFish: when i ulted SubwayEatFish: to kill jayce SubwayEatFish: and have a chance SubwayEatFish: ugh SubwayEatFish: that hook would of been good SubwayEatFish: wp SubwayEatFish: ryze SubwayEatFish: bud SubwayEatFish: what SubwayEatFish: you doing SubwayEatFish: ... SubwayEatFish: please say yes SubwayEatFish: he SubwayEatFish: isnt doing SubwayEatFish: nvm SubwayEatFish: i cant say anything SubwayEatFish: riot will ban me SubwayEatFish: ryze SubwayEatFish: ;p SubwayEatFish: nvm SubwayEatFish: 1/12 SubwayEatFish: inting SubwayEatFish: );

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