AFK's and inting in ranked.

Just curious here, why is it ok to have someone afk/rq or int (not just a bad player of having a bad game, legit admits to inting), not have them punished (feedback report never appears) and still lose lp like nothing happened that game? I understand it must be too difficult to keep track of all reports and look into every single one but even with proof nothing is done about it. It's happened a few times, not necessarily recently. If you want to bring up communication, how about this - suggesting your jg not to invade when he is level 1 against a level 3 enemy jungler and he does it anyways and says "oops" in chat? I'll accept my losses but this is not a fair way to be punished and get lp taken away. I know this happens to a lot of people, which is why i don't understand why there isn't something implemented in the game to prevent this sort of stuff from happening more frequently. Im really glad there is a remake option for when someone dc's unintentionally or intentionally to dodge a game but there is really no way to help prevent the other scenarios from happening and going unpunished for the most part?
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