How is the a bannable offense? Harsh but not Negative.

I was given a 10 game chat restriction for the following Game 1 [Parentheses is added description of the situation other than that it is word for word] In-Game BatCat007: thats wild BatCat007: i love this computer BatCat007: i DC'd in loading screen and had enough time to reconnect before the game started and still make it BatCat007: its gold vs plat BatCat007: ft me and morgana as the only realsilvers BatCat007: i was typing bully (Was typing to my team the other teams elo before game started this was joke to enemy team) BatCat007: oopa BatCat007: ples go for the same person as me BatCat007: rude (got q'd by morgana was a jest to my team) BatCat007: wtf how morg basic attack do so much BatCat007: dang BatCat007: eve could use some camp BatCat007: we are the only ones who havent compltelty lost lane BatCat007: kil wies (kill wise, by this point bot lane was about 2v5 and every other lane had 0 kills and at least 3-5 deaths) BatCat007: thats his 5th gank eve (graves camped us bot obviously we are the only lane that wasn't completely losing) BatCat007: we cant engage if every time we go in its a 3v2 BatCat007: no im not surrendering (at this point entire team began to flame me for not giving up at 15:00 in my promos because they were all behind and I was 2/3 as vayne and wanted to try to make a comeback) BatCat007: losers we have me ryze and yas to outscale them 200% BatCat007: your 0/6 yas why tryna 2v1 bot BatCat007: how you die all teh way out there BatCat007: not ffsing BatCat007: i can solo carry if u meat shield for me when i get fed BatCat007: team??? BatCat007: i pinged all of u like 2 minutes before they even came mid BatCat007: WHY CAN THEY ALWAYS 4V1 ME BatCat007: GO PUSH BOT BatCat007: DO SOMETHING BatCat007: UR AFK UNDER TOWER BatCat007: cheezus BatCat007: thats reportable BatCat007: ur not playing the game BatCat007: go shove bot BatCat007: go get jungle BatCat007: anything is better than nothing (The evelyn said this is why your silver and were gold) BatCat007: ok cause ur gold BatCat007: cause why (eve said im toxic and started criticizing my score) BatCat007: ur 2/6? BatCat007: lost all lanes cause u cant gank BatCat007: 0 objectives>? BatCat007: im not toxic BatCat007: not once did i say u all suck BatCat007: or anything negative BatCat007: im critiqueing not criticizing BatCat007: there is a different BatCat007: difference BatCat007: someone tank for me please (The Evelynn went to all chat and said lmfao this vayne has been saying no to ffs since 15:00) BatCat007: this team gave up at 8:00 lmfao BatCat007: nothing to brag ab out eve BatCat007: ward BatCat007: triple ulted every time BatCat007: you all ult me every time do they just only require your q? (Evelyn said that im stupid because Syndra didn't even use her ult) BatCat007: not her BatCat007: lcuan (Lucian) please explain to me how this is a mute worthy offense? the caps and the counter argument with evelyn because she started using all chat to bad mouth the fact I wouldn't surrender to the other team may be a bit harsh but the only negative word I said strictly to my team the entire game was losers one time when they flamed me for not wanting to give up in my promos... I understand the amount of salt and negative behavior in the community but I chose fill as my main role and 60% of the time I get put as jungler and the game after I got this penalty before I received the notification I auto queued up again and couldn't communicate as the jungler with my team which made it a lot harder to play. I literally have myself 7 keys from reporting players for actual negative behavior I just don't understand how this is negative and what registered to give me a penalty? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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