Five Critical Improvements to Riot's Behavioral System (from somebody who has never been punished)

Anybody who sticks around these boards long enough may notice a trend of folks either being punished and therefore having all sorts of ideas of how they'd "fix the system" (read: alter it in such a way that they wouldn't get punished), or having accounts in good standing and generally supporting Riot across the board. I'd like to offer an alternate perspective: I've never been punished and do generally agree with how Riot handles things, but I'd like to create a list of reasonable improvements they should consider. Please feel free to point out any flaws with my reasoning. **1) Honor level 0 SHOULD NOT EXIST.** Honor level 0, in its current form, is purely a "fuck you" to toxic players. And while I have little sympathy for individuals who drop down so low, the fact that honor level 2 is required to have an account in good standing means that the only difference between levels 0 and 1 is how much grinding a player needs to do to recover their account. This discourages reform by creating a needlessly large obstacle towards honor progression. As deplorable as some of the behavior is that currently earns a drop to honor 0, nobody deserves a prison sentence over a game of League, no matter their behavior. **2) We need more feedback on our behavior.** As has been demonstrated and confirmed by Riot, honor level growth within the current system can be delayed or halted due to substantiated reports against one's behavior, even when those reports aren't enough to trigger a chat restriction or ban. _Why don't we receive these reports?_ It should be simple for Riot to give us a pop-up notification saying something like "Recent reports against your behavior have been found to be accurate. When you exhibit negative behavior, your honor level progression can slow or stop, and you may even be issued a chat restriction or ban if this behavior continues. The following logs were found to be negative/unsportsmanlike. If you have any questions, please ask for clarification via a support ticket (link) or on the Player Behavior boards (link)". This would go a long way towards teaching players what they shouldn't be doing, rather than letting them learn through harder punishments. **3) We need more feedback on the results of our reports.** Riot's party line regarding punishment notifications is that they're inconsistent for privacy reasons and/or to prevent headhunting. To which I say... screw that. There is currently zero faith among much of the community that our reports do anything, because we almost never see it actually working. Even worse, this can lead to players assuming behavior that they've reported is acceptable, and then engaging in that behavior themselves (as evidenced by plenty of threads on these boards). I'm not asking for a list of every account we're responsible for punishments against, but we need consistent reinforcement that our reports do or do not matter. I see no evidence that headhunting or privacy violations would actually happen, nor do I see any compelling reason why either would be so bad. **4) 10-game chat restrictions should NOT result in a loss of honor level.** People get heated and make mistakes. It happens to plenty of us. For many players, their first indication that their chat usage is incompatible with Riot's behavioral guidelines takes the form of a ten-game chat restriction. Restrict away, by all means, but give players the benefit of the doubt that they'll adjust after seeing where the line is, and don't punish them beyond those ten games. **5) Improve rewards at high honor.** Honor rewards are nice, but they're not enough. Anybody with a Freshman understanding of psychology knows that positive reinforcement is the way to go, and handing out the occasional free skin should barely scratch Riot's bottom line. Give people a better reason than fear to improve their behavior. Unique skins or free skins would help tremendously.

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