this ban lmao

Game 1 >rengar ganks me, both f and kill me Miothonn: rengo and jax flashes Miothonn: come >sej doesnt come and i die again to rengo Miothonn: no need gank top anymore >sej comes top and we get 2v2ed, my turrets further up lane but she runes towards tower not my towers Miothonn: .. Miothonn: next time Miothonn: run to my towers Miothonn: ty >at this point sej isnt doing anything but farming Miothonn: such a shitty jg lol Miothonn: no clue how to g Miothonn: jg >she went blue-gromp-wolves, tilts me but w/e shouldn't be bannable Miothonn: holy shit do something Miothonn: to someone Miothonn: somewhere >3rd or 4th gank? Miothonn: jg? Miothonn: 0 ganks lmao >not even talking about my lane i'm saying all lanes, shes 0-0 at 10 minutes in or smth Miothonn: ff Miothonn: this shit Miothonn: not playing with afk jg >want to ff, entire teams losing except annie is 1-0 >annie tells me to afk Miothonn: dont want ban Miothonn: lol >teams talking about me inting Miothonn: is that int Miothonn: or just rengar camp Miothonn: i think rengar camp Miothonn: idk tho just a 0-6 heimer Miothonn: who pinged jg to come cover but jg never cam Miothonn: good game >all chat now Miothonn: idc Miothonn: not my fault Miothonn: xD Miothonn: most people dont know how my champ works past the kit Miothonn: eh Miothonn: not that tilted Miothonn: just gg cuz jg afk Miothonn: not gonna help Miothonn: ? Miothonn: idc >someone on my teams arguing with me Miothonn: mute then lol Miothonn: jjust fun game Miothonn: overall Miothonn: 1-5 sej >someone talking about me inting, if riot tantram wants to pull up chat logs you'll see i'm not saying sej is inting Miothonn: inting for sure Miothonn: ff pls >saying im garbage (someone is) Miothonn: yup Miothonn: im garbage at league >talking about the ff vote Miothonn: 4-0 rn Miothonn: waiting on last one Miothonn: rip Miothonn: rengar what do u think i should do besides sit top Miothonn: xd Miothonn: i get banned fort hat tho Miothonn: losing top xd Miothonn: xp Miothonn: rip me Miothonn: nvm Miothonn: ? >rengar said i should be watching our red at start of game Miothonn: thats stupid Miothonn: then i cant put turrets down safely Miothonn: or lose my ward Miothonn: also wheres ur mobis Miothonn: i meant rengar Miothonn: no cc if ur not alive Miothonn: i know Miothonn: trust me im aware Miothonn: mercs give mr Miothonn: yes Miothonn: i know Miothonn: but why Miothonn: ur not going bruiser Miothonn: if u get cced for 0.1 Miothonn: ur dead Miothonn: i honestly dont know y u do for me Miothonn: i guess to tilt me? Miothonn: lol Miothonn: ward Miothonn: w/e Miothonn: tbh Miothonn: sej lost this game not me Miothonn: but kda is the only thing that matters in bronze so ill be taking 4 reports up the ass Miothonn: gg so ya dont think this is a ban, probably said int too much, going to riot probs wont do shit so i post here

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