I got perma banned a year ago because I gave my profile to a friend and he perma banned me.

You've probably seen that title hundreds of times but.. I have played the game since season 1 and I have spent thousands of hours in the game, in game I always tried to calm everyone and keep them positive. But I got a little tired of league last year so I lent my profile to my friend (which is against TOS) but I trusted him, for the longest time he wouldn't tell me whats going on with my profile. At the beginning of last year's summer he gave it back to me only to see it permanently banned... Ever since then my hopes for playing league ever again have died. I have written 2 support tickets to riot support, but to no avail they just tell me account sharing is bannable. And I understand that but isn't permanent ban a little extreme? To make matters worse I am in university now and my friends play league and I have to start all over again. Meanwhile some famous players have been unbanned even when they were perma banned. I would never repeat my mistake again if I was given a chance. But I've lost hope by now my last hope is that I get some kind of help here, although it seems like I'm begging. I just with I could get my old summoner name back and play on my real profile again. My message to riot support if anyone is interested https://i.imgur.com/V9HXquJ.png Thanks for your patience. Have a great day

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