Sadly this might be goodbye

I might have just played my final game of league because I believe I will be permanently banned soon. I just played a game where I was doing pretty well and getting bot lane and top lane ahead as jungle. Unfortunately my mid lane Akali said in chat she was going to troll at about the 10 minute mark and proceeded to throw the game hard. She started flaming in chat so I muted her and played the game out. In post game lobby she started threatening me and my family and used hate speech multiple times towards me and the other members of the team. I unfortunately lost my cool because I was getting so sick of seeing trolls in my game and told the Akali to “stfu and go back to playing fortnite your prepubescent 12 year old”. My entire team reported her but knowing what riot bans for and considering I had a 14 day suspension for much the same thing about 5-6 months ago I believe that I will get a perma ban and the trolling Akali will not get any form of punishment as riot doesn’t pushing trolling.
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