Is this game truly banworthy?

Direct copy+paste from a game I got stuck in with a 4man premade and they all reported me. For context, I was playing Malzahar mid. Granted, I was playing like shit and had a terrible KDA. Apparently being stuck in a lost game with a 4man premade who refuses to surrender is ban worthy. What are your thoughts? Did I say anything against the summoner's code? Also the "Why are my children so fucking dumb?" wasn't directed at any player. That was because I lost a kill due to my Voidlings suddenly changing targets. Game 1 Illuminase: Does Lightning McQueen have life insurance or car insurance? Illuminase: twitch inc bot Illuminase: voidlings pls Illuminase: I am asking myself the question all parents eventually ask Illuminase: "Why are my children so fucking dumb?" Illuminase: So are we all down to ff at 15? Illuminase: gottem Illuminase: so why didn't we ff again? Illuminase: Just waiting for 20 minutes tbh Illuminase: So why didn't we surrender? Illuminase: I'm not trolling, the game is over. Illuminase: We can't win Illuminase: I haven't done anything reportable. Illuminase: Why are you voting no? We can't win. Illuminase: Been trying. 4man premade is holding us hostage. Illuminase: They're also threatening to report me. Illuminase: No, we have literally nothing on the entire map. Illuminase: We can't win. Illuminase: What could I have done there? Flashed the arrow? Illuminase: Also, your premade ADC died too? Illuminase: let us get out of this game Illuminase: We can't win Illuminase: You are doing nothing but wasting your own time Illuminase: just to prove a dumb point Illuminase: YOU are the one making this game suck Illuminase: You are holding us all hostage Illuminase: they have EVERY objective Illuminase: I haven't trolled or inted or done anything report worthy Illuminase: this is just what a lost game looks like. You just can't see it. Illuminase: Or maybe you can but you are just too upset to admit it Illuminase: GG

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