Got a 2 week

I dont know how people go beyond honour 3, I cannot fathom it. Every game you get one griefer and multiple flamers, every single damn game. Three games today, one with a Rakan that inted 3 times in a row to 'end the game faster', second with a Renekton who perma split pushed and didnt group after going 1/8 because I didnt gank a super fed Rumble and the Third with a VI that inted me the moment she saw my name (In high Diamond you meet the same people alot and some decide to run it down the moment they read your name). So tell me, how can remain friendly? After a certain point its too difficult, the environment is too toxic to expect your players to be walking angels, it just is and after you keep meeting the same idiots over and over you need to say something . Anyway the thing is I dont know how im considered toxic, I get matched with people who threaten my family and want to bathe me in cancer but all I do is call them garbage. This game is 13+, so why is 'garbage' such a heavy insult? I have a little sister I pick up from a bus and the minute you step into the bus the entire thing is a cease pool of insults being thrown by people YOUNGER and older than 13, you really think 13 yr olds cannot handle 'garbage', are you serious? Anyway have fun reading this shit, see you all in 2 weeks were I will probably then be banned in a week lmao Game 1 Pre-Game FiveAneurysms: vi FiveAneurysms: again FiveAneurysms: and morgana? FiveAneurysms: and FiveAneurysms: tristana FiveAneurysms: holy FiveAneurysms: how many p eople are there FiveAneurysms: in D2 FiveAneurysms: wtf FiveAneurysms: why always the same FiveAneurysms: 9 oclock FiveAneurysms: why u playing league FiveAneurysms: at 4 FiveAneurysms: go gym FiveAneurysms: anyway FiveAneurysms: we need to win FiveAneurysms: my winrate is going down FiveAneurysms: mORNING FiveAneurysms: I THOUGHT 4 PM FiveAneurysms: LOL FiveAneurysms: HAHHAHAHA FiveAneurysms: yy FiveAneurysms: D2 FiveAneurysms: i got to D1 FiveAneurysms: with 20 wins in a row FiveAneurysms: lost 8 after that FiveAneurysms: now hardstuck D2 FiveAneurysms: lmao FiveAneurysms: ah i need 2 wins FiveAneurysms: for D1 In-Game FiveAneurysms: same kaisa FiveAneurysms: rumble 65% WWR FiveAneurysms: wr* FiveAneurysms: rumble Season 8 gold 2 FiveAneurysms: how FiveAneurysms: the FiveAneurysms: fuck is this sustain FiveAneurysms: interesting FiveAneurysms: idk FiveAneurysms: how this rumble FiveAneurysms: is perma on 200 hp FiveAneurysms: wtf u doing FiveAneurysms: clown FiveAneurysms: yah rumble is soooo hard FiveAneurysms: yah dude FiveAneurysms: hard champ FiveAneurysms: wp FiveAneurysms: imagine talking while playing that champ for wheelchairs FiveAneurysms: vi FiveAneurysms: your garbage FiveAneurysms: actual garbage FiveAneurysms: i udnerstand your 65% wr now FiveAneurysms: you duo with jg that carris ur boosted as FiveAneurysms: XD FiveAneurysms: wp hecairm FiveAneurysms: stfu FiveAneurysms: report his kid FiveAneurysms: hard lost FiveAneurysms: every top FiveAneurysms: as high as rumble FiveAneurysms: as much as a table FiveAneurysms: wp hecarim FiveAneurysms: you won top well FiveAneurysms: ur mom gives u allowance every week FiveAneurysms: why spend it buying hecarim jg? FiveAneurysms: where is our VI FiveAneurysms: can someone tell me FiveAneurysms: waht shes doing FiveAneurysms: entire game? FiveAneurysms: last game 0 ganks top FiveAneurysms: same thing this game FiveAneurysms: joke FiveAneurysms: every FiveAneurysms: death FiveAneurysms: to multiple people FiveAneurysms: while my team ignores an entire lane FiveAneurysms: wp ds FiveAneurysms: damn FiveAneurysms: hecarim FiveAneurysms: still killing top FiveAneurysms: yy FiveAneurysms: bro FiveAneurysms: vi has bneen inting since min 1 FiveAneurysms: told you FiveAneurysms: thanks for the game DS FiveAneurysms: smd FiveAneurysms: nowu want me FiveAneurysms: good FiveAneurysms: keep it tha way FiveAneurysms: i want lose? FiveAneurysms: who said FiveAneurysms: do u not realize FiveAneurysms: i cannot kill FiveAneurysms: their nami FiveAneurysms: at this ponit? FiveAneurysms: tank damage? FiveAneurysms: why FiveAneurysms: woudl u fight that FiveAneurysms: ? FiveAneurysms: wh yare you inting me? FiveAneurysms: ive never talked to you before? FiveAneurysms: why has she inted me FiveAneurysms: wtf FiveAneurysms: yy FiveAneurysms: gg ez top FiveAneurysms: easiest toplane FiveAneurysms: of my life Post-Game FiveAneurysms: vi FiveAneurysms: can u tell me reason FiveAneurysms: you int me now? FiveAneurysms: better top FiveAneurysms: wins Game 2 In-Game FiveAneurysms: sona ori FiveAneurysms: zhonyas rush plsplspls FiveAneurysms: yah but FiveAneurysms: try to get tabi zhonyas quick FiveAneurysms: all im saying FiveAneurysms: didnt FiveAneurysms: even FiveAneurysms: look at the minions FiveAneurysms: dw FiveAneurysms: lol FiveAneurysms: ah FiveAneurysms: didnt see FiveAneurysms: ur mana FiveAneurysms: rumble FiveAneurysms: leaving FiveAneurysms: talon? FiveAneurysms: u tilted yet FiveAneurysms: talon has literally nothing FiveAneurysms: no R flash ignite FiveAneurysms: ok rengar FiveAneurysms: will remember it FiveAneurysms: you wil lsee kid FiveAneurysms: ??? FiveAneurysms: :) FiveAneurysms: yo FiveAneurysms: that talon kill FiveAneurysms: fked my orbs FiveAneurysms: so hard FiveAneurysms: talon FiveAneurysms: coming FiveAneurysms: HAHAHAHA FiveAneurysms: sona FiveAneurysms: ur bomb FiveAneurysms: fk FiveAneurysms: nah i doesnt matter FiveAneurysms: lel FiveAneurysms: op FiveAneurysms: LOL FiveAneurysms: draven maybe get yours first or what FiveAneurysms: poof FiveAneurysms: fat rumble FiveAneurysms: not gonna lie FiveAneurysms: 142 cs FiveAneurysms: rene FiveAneurysms: if ur autofilled FiveAneurysms: tell ur tema FiveAneurysms: i coudlve top FiveAneurysms: idk FiveAneurysms: first time i see someone loe to rumble FiveAneurysms: rene and aatorx so op FiveAneurysms: yy FiveAneurysms: i mute FiveAneurysms: 10 hp FiveAneurysms: survive FiveAneurysms: holy FiveAneurysms: thsi talon FiveAneurysms: 3rd time FiveAneurysms: 3rd time jump fails FiveAneurysms: flashes FiveAneurysms: XD FiveAneurysms: ah FiveAneurysms: good player FiveAneurysms: nah FiveAneurysms: i just dont have a team FiveAneurysms: dont see any impact FiveAneurysms: from you FiveAneurysms: jhin FiveAneurysms: how does a renekton lose FiveAneurysms: to rumble FiveAneurysms: eveery game FiveAneurysms: 1 griefer FiveAneurysms: sad FiveAneurysms: yo FiveAneurysms: report rene FiveAneurysms: griefing FiveAneurysms: as u can see FiveAneurysms: your good at lying FiveAneurysms: 'like' FiveAneurysms: xd FiveAneurysms: yah my fault lol Post-Game FiveAneurysms: damn FiveAneurysms: ori FiveAneurysms: you almost out damaged sona FiveAneurysms: close! FiveAneurysms: ah FiveAneurysms: that would be FiveAneurysms: renekton FiveAneurysms: lol FiveAneurysms: literally FiveAneurysms: i haave FiveAneurysms: mroe dmg FiveAneurysms: than all of you FiveAneurysms: i ahve the highest dmg FiveAneurysms: in game FiveAneurysms: what is your excuse FiveAneurysms: ? FiveAneurysms: LOL FiveAneurysms: yah ok FiveAneurysms: waste of time FiveAneurysms: to talk FiveAneurysms: to kids Game 3 Pre-Game FiveAneurysms: whatu main bro FiveAneurysms: fr FiveAneurysms: bor FiveAneurysms: waht FiveAneurysms: do u main FiveAneurysms: no FiveAneurysms: he mains support FiveAneurysms: yikers FiveAneurysms: yo FiveAneurysms: go jungle FiveAneurysms: if u want FiveAneurysms: soloq FiveAneurysms: u can go jg FiveAneurysms: my dude FiveAneurysms: fr FiveAneurysms: fjaidsfj0iadsjf0iaejf0iejf0p9i3j90-fjk0-932f-932f9-239-f90-23f932 FiveAneurysms: your last lissa game was 0/4 FiveAneurysms: asadsadsa FiveAneurysms: fine FiveAneurysms: gl FiveAneurysms: hf In-Game FiveAneurysms: sad sad FiveAneurysms: this game woudlve been perfect FiveAneurysms: for darius FiveAneurysms: not gonan lie FiveAneurysms: ugly skin FiveAneurysms: this isnt conquer FiveAneurysms: i go asasssin i guess FiveAneurysms: this 0/2 ahri FiveAneurysms: pings me FiveAneurysms: like she is good at the game FiveAneurysms: XD FiveAneurysms: she doenst getr FiveAneurysms: kayn FiveAneurysms: is weak early FiveAneurysms: before form FiveAneurysms: has iq of table FiveAneurysms: how has he killed 2 people FiveAneurysms: with no flash being used FiveAneurysms: literally 99% FiveAneurysms: very true FiveAneurysms: gamer solo lanes FiveAneurysms: ithink FiveAneurysms: if u flame ahrder FiveAneurysms: you win gam FiveAneurysms: reprot ahri FiveAneurysms: afk FiveAneurysms: afk FiveAneurysms: flame FiveAneurysms: negatirve attidute FiveAneurysms: idk everything FiveAneurysms: hope ru dad stops beating you FiveAneurysms: mute ahroi FiveAneurysms: she has personal issues FiveAneurysms: wp team FiveAneurysms: as u wish FiveAneurysms: gp no penta FiveAneurysms: she int FiveAneurysms: mrog stuns me while im in her FiveAneurysms: makes sense FiveAneurysms: wp i guess FiveAneurysms: acTuAlLy iT dOEs FiveAneurysms: lissa FiveAneurysms: blue FiveAneurysms: take FiveAneurysms: or ahri FiveAneurysms: lets try to wipe them FiveAneurysms: and end FiveAneurysms: me morgana FiveAneurysms: me press R FiveAneurysms: am good player FiveAneurysms: cause rakan FiveAneurysms: wanted FiveAneurysms: to fight FiveAneurysms: realized FiveAneurysms: loses game FiveAneurysms: report team FiveAneurysms: makes sense Post-Game FiveAneurysms: well lissa FiveAneurysms: good effort
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