A Message To the community of League of Legends.

I was permanently banned because of a few different things. Game 1 (of chat logs) Other players trying to tilt me and flame me with just random things and I was trying to tell them to stop and I did so while being a little bit toxic.. Game 2 (of chat logs) a poppy feeding in bot lane when I told her what to do and what they were doing wrong and got a little mad at her. This Poppy, stole mine and my friends lane and tried to 1v2 a Jinx and Soraka, she repetitively went in, trying to 1v2 and every time she went in she fed. Me and my friend were waiting for a good time to gank so we could have a chance but they were way to fed and so was the enemy teams jungle because of her but it was her fault for trying to 1v2 all the time. She's the one who stole mine and my friends lane, I don't really think I have to be blamed because of what she did. I didn't notice game 3 (of chat logs) until later. Now, I was playing League, Zed mid. My team was sucking HARD until we started getting our Wukong kills and helped feed our teams Yasuo kills. We had a ziggs adc and a lux support who were both feeding most of the game until about half way through when ziggs got a few kills and so did lux. Then we lost the game and that was my third game of chat logs in my Perma-Ban note. Now, I just wanted to say, I am willing to change the way I talk and act in League if a Rioter is willing to un-ban me. I also asked if I could make a deal with a Riot employee (Skeletor). The deal would be, I could play for one month and if I can watch my mouth and be kind to the community and if I successfully do so, my ban could be toned down to a year. Un-Luckily he said no because the Riot staff is strict about toxicity. Discuss what you think should happen and if you think this deal is fair. Also, do you think that if the rest of the community are willing to change, they could have another chance? Answer yes or no in the choices at the bottom of this page because I am willing to change, as I already told you. Also, another reason I want to be unbanned is because I bought my brother a 100$ League gift card, hoping we could play later in the day when he receives it and have a fun time, but now that I'm permanently banned, I have to explain to him that I'm banned and I can't play with and have fun with him when he receives his card. Now, most people won't get unbanned if they are permanently banned for a reason and I just want to tell the community that you should be kind online because I don't want you guys to make the same mistakes and go down the same road as I did. Thank you for reading this message and I hope you can understand how easy it is to be permanently banned, - Spooky
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