Chat restriction? For what? This is absolutely unnacceptable and I am absolutely livid.

So if I get held hostage in a game with a premade team of 4. And they all spend the entire length of game flaming me, insulting my mother, insulting me, calling me e-girl trash, ranting at me in Spanish and broken English, going afk and threatening to report me and asking the other team to report me too for the span of 27 minutes. Because what? Because I politely declined to trade my support role for toplane. The *ONLY* thing I kept repeating was some variation of "Ok, report me if you want, I've done nothing wrong, the chat logs are checked and I won't be punished". This bloody game brought me to the edge of tears, and I get slapped with a chat restriction and my honor locked and sent back to level 1? What on EARTH for? How utterly, absolutely, categorically ridiculous. I want those chat logs for that game to be posted publicly if Tantram still does that, and I want to see how in God's name I deserve a chat restriction. Idk if I can post the match history link here, but if the rules state that I can, I'm happy to provide them. I'm so *hurt* and *upset* and pretty freaking *furious* about this. If it's a false positive in the system or something, that's forgiveable I suppose. But I want this restriction gone, and my honour reinstated, this is simply *not right*. Edit: I have to stress. All I did was try to play quietly and ask them to please stop flaming me. There is no reason for a chat restriction. Second Edit: Didn't realise I had to log out and back in again to see my logs. Here they are: Game 1 Pre-Game Kumungu Queen: apologies but no. Kumungu Queen: ok Kumungu Queen: still no Kumungu Queen: also am reporting you. In-Game Kumungu Queen: report soraka please. banned my champ when i didn't want to trade lanes, then instalocked soraka. cheers. Kumungu Queen: as you like Kumungu Queen: how am i trolling you. i clearly queued for support. any idiot can see that. Kumungu Queen: im not inting.. Kumungu Queen: what does that even mean Kumungu Queen: i can't make you do anything mate Kumungu Queen: stop what Kumungu Queen: you banned my champ idk how to play this one. not my fault nor is it my problem premades. Kumungu Queen: and i understand spanish. so please keep talking. more for me to report. Kumungu Queen: riot actually *read* the chat logs. you 4 should just quit it. Kumungu Queen: and what will they find. Kumungu Queen: 4 toxic spaniards, an afk adc, an enabling fizz, and a trolling soraka. please. go ahead and report me. i look forward to that Kumungu Queen: backfiring in your face. Kumungu Queen: you're going to troll my bitch mother? Kumungu Queen: oh yes toxic spaniards is racist. Kumungu Queen: stating your nationality Kumungu Queen: which is what you call people from spain Kumungu Queen: a spaniard... Kumungu Queen: i'm simply playing. Kumungu Queen: look in a mirror darling Kumungu Queen: go for it.. Kumungu Queen: ok pls stop talking about it tho. Kumungu Queen: just play the game. Kumungu Queen: what is mindblowing about what i said. Kumungu Queen: i really don't care if you report me or not fizz. i've done nothing wrong. so do it. just stop talking about it. Post-Game Kumungu Queen: if you don't mind. please report my team mates except rammus. all very very toxic. cool if not tris. Kumungu Queen: premades. were really horrible to me. Kumungu Queen: ty Kumungu Queen: u2
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