Smurfing ruins peoples attempts at climbing

When i first completed my 8 game placement i went 4 for 4, going from facing plats to facing high silver, low gold. No problem i did decent in that relative elo, though maybe should of been placed a tad lower since i struggled against gold players. However following a lose streak i ended up facing off against multiple smurfs, finding my self on the youtube videos "i took my --- into bronze and this happened". It completely ruined the mmr i had and has landed me into horrible stats when im looked up. Its hard to counter play a duo smurfing jungle and top laner that dive you post 5 every time you respawn or to even farm when facing challenger or master smurfs. I personally find smurfing to be a slap in the face to the lower elo players trying to actually climb. im by no means great at this game, but i at least would like to leave bronze, but the high volume of smurfs in the lower elo doing it for shits and giggles makes wanting to even que up and play difficult. wanted other peoples thoughts on this, am i the only one that feels like purposing having a smurf in low elo to ruin peoples games is fun? inb4 "if you arent plat or higher you arent a real person" people start, most of you arent even out of iron, just stop embarrassing yourself.
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