Riot needs to stop permabanning accounts

The botting situation is getting way the fuck out of hand. If you arent going to do something about the amount of fucking scripted bots ruining matchmade games, this shit company needs to stop permabanning people until they find a solution. The only reason there are bots is because theres a market for their purchases. Either start fucking banning people, Implement an in-game system like your "AFK" warning where having someone type "I am not a bot" 10 minutes into a game when they are 0/16 vs beginner bots to ban people or take away the reason people buy them until you fix this shit system. NOTHING is more frustrating than being stuck in some shitty 5 v 5 PVP match while you have a botting ashe or irelia just CONSTANTLY going back to lane to AA creeps and die non-stop.
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