Toxicity that brought me to tears.

I don't really post at all for stuff like this usually. But something really got to me today in this game. I stopped playing this game for a while and recently came back as stressors in my life have gotten larger and larger and I wanted something to focus on. I know some of you may call me stupid for choosing league for something to play when I'm already stressed. And you're probably right. But one of the biggest stresses lately has been my father being diagnosed with an aggressive case of early-onset Alzheimer's. He's very quickly becoming a different man from who I know, and it's hard for me to look him in the eyes much anymore. So I chose to play league today because he had a bad night last night that made me want to distract myself. When I came into the game, I played badly, I know. I chose something weird, and just wanted to practice. Two players, however, a duo of players named "exoticPENTA" and "Sharpiedots" began being toxic towards me past the midway of the game. I should have muted them. But, I dunno. I tried to tell them I didn't get help from jungler when I needed it, and etc, etc. I mentioned I had a bad day and didn't want this sort of stuff. They laughed it off and kept being toxic. We lost the game. In the after game chat, however, things got worse. Much worse. I wanted to describe to them that, while it may not feel like it, I'm a human being behind this keyboard, and I've been going through these issues with my dad and, maybe, they could think about stuff like that in the future rather than be toxic. That was a mistake, I guess. The toxicity got worse, eventually building to one of them joking about my father's alzheimers, as shown in the link. Honestly, I'm not even sure fully why I'm posting this. Maybe my pain and tears can inspire one person reading to be more kind to those they come across online. This game is competitive, but know that we all struggle. Please be gentler with one another and bring goodness into the world.
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