Banned? Can someone help enlighten me?

I got banned from play for 2 weeks today for toxicity. Never been banned before or anything like that. And of course there's no rebuttal to this ban whatsoever, which is shite in and of itself. I've been here since season two and never been banned. The name of the guy who flamed all game and reported me? **-edited by moderation due to naming and shaming- **For real?! This insta-ban for 2 weeks doesn't seem to add up, considering I just got to lvl 5 honors. Anyone have any insight? Game 1 CarmineXI: sure CarmineXI: just know that's gonna set me back CarmineXI: ty CarmineXI: was NOT letting that bitch go CarmineXI: wtf CarmineXI: fuck it CarmineXI: 2/6 varus is trash CarmineXI: 18 min in, i start pushin bot lane and that's why you're trash? ok CarmineXI: kys CarmineXI: LOL CarmineXI: blaming you CarmineXI: i ganked you 3 times and you just stood there CarmineXI: you can go kys and uninstall CarmineXI: is he retad? CarmineXI: i feel like he's a retahd CarmineXI: you were in the base bitching about me and yas pushing top CarmineXI: no CarmineXI: you're bad CarmineXI: and you should feel bad CarmineXI: and play this til the end CarmineXI: report troll varus please
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