Permanent bans

Alright so I got permanently banned on my old account ''Poopity786'' after 2 games of toxicity. Back then I never understood how the system worked and assumed that I had deserved it although I was bummed about losing the hundreds I had spent on it. Fast forward 2 years later and I became curious to how the permaban system worked because of some boards i stumbled upon. Soon I realized that while many of the people on the boards had logs that were fairly toxic and had multiple warnings, I saw that my chat logs were not at all as toxic as my punishment would perceive. While I had only received a single 2 week warning before my permanent ban, several others had received plenty even though they had said worse. I've been informed that the worst word you could use in the game is ''kys'', however the worst I said was ''stfu''. Sure that type of language is unacceptable and I agree that I should've received my punishment to the extent of the language I used, but a permaban? After a while I'm starting to wonder if my permaban is really justified. Here are my chat logs. Game 1 In-Game Poopity786: why lol Poopity786: according to the rules of blind pick Poopity786: he didnt say jg Poopity786: idiot Poopity786: so? Poopity786: im using logic Poopity786: yes Poopity786: i am Poopity786: top Poopity786: selfish or not Poopity786: its legit Poopity786: 6 cs jg?? Poopity786: dafuq lol Poopity786: nah Poopity786: lol i got jg rightfully Poopity786: and they are mad that i did it Poopity786: i got no leash cause you guys are mad tho Poopity786: thats why im not Poopity786: no i didnt Poopity786: i got it rightfully what Poopity786: nobody called it Poopity786: and i got it Poopity786: u guys dont understand Poopity786: no matter how wrong u see it is Poopity786: i didnt do anything wrong Poopity786: lol and then u guys are using foul language and negative attitudes Poopity786: technically you guys are the ones supposed to be reported Poopity786: lol Poopity786: i might be an asshole Poopity786: but im a fair asshole Poopity786: lol Poopity786: yes Poopity786: im following rules Poopity786: u guys arent Poopity786: because u are using foul language and a negative attitude Poopity786: yep Poopity786: what Poopity786: says the one cussing me out for being fair? Poopity786: riven Poopity786: you have more deaths Poopity786: what Poopity786: you guys are so mad that u arent even making sense Poopity786: im not doing it on purpose i dont think i am Poopity786: ok Poopity786: sorry Poopity786: i got too much lag Poopity786: i didnt even say no what the fuck Poopity786: whatttt Poopity786: lol Poopity786: ok Poopity786: pls listen to me guys Poopity786: i rightfully get jg Poopity786: then they trash talk me Poopity786: i say im sorry Poopity786: and stop talking Poopity786: and they keep on trash talking me Poopity786: then now they say report ME Poopity786: no Poopity786: pls report them Poopity786: i didnt steal jg tho Poopity786: k Poopity786: pls report them for me Poopity786: its a 4 on 1 so they wont listen to me Poopity786: if u got common sense unlike these uneducated idiots Poopity786: pls help Poopity786: i honestly dont want a ban Poopity786: for doing nothng Poopity786: see Poopity786: she said im inting Poopity786: then she does that Poopity786: but then they say report me Poopity786: whatt Poopity786: exactly Poopity786: not an excuse Poopity786: because i got no leash Poopity786: ok negative harassing and verbally abusive team Poopity786: pls report them Poopity786: ty Poopity786: ggwp Game 2 In-Game Poopity786: lee leash? Poopity786: he mad at me? Poopity786: then why no leash lol Poopity786: ty Poopity786: varus what are you doing Poopity786: what Poopity786: because i had no e? Poopity786: but fine? Poopity786: it was ur fault you died Poopity786: super aggresive Poopity786: that is not an excuse Poopity786: and if they ganked twice you should be way less aggresive Poopity786: then how was she able to ult you Poopity786: u are bad Poopity786: nah u are just bad kid Poopity786: so much salt Poopity786: he's mad at me Poopity786: idk why Poopity786: lol nice Poopity786: yeah with you on our team Poopity786: xD Poopity786: wow Poopity786: i was typing instead of attacking tehre Poopity786: stfu Poopity786: not u alistar Poopity786: the idiot is feeding most and yet he says Poopity786: stop feeding Poopity786: YES Poopity786: wow Poopity786: you are so r%%%%%ed that it hurts Poopity786: have fun doing it yourself llol Poopity786: ff pls Poopity786: dude Poopity786: you have the same deaths Poopity786: omg Poopity786: guys this azir had 4 deaths while the rest of us had 3 or less deaths Poopity786: and he said we were feeding Poopity786: and then gets mad and says reportm e Poopity786: autism I was definitely toxic, but after only 1 warning, the first game a 2 week ban, and then the second permanent ban, I think I really should not have been permanently banned. My teammates and the opposing team in both games appeared to be just as toxic if not more and yet I was the only player banned. I hope that my permanent banned was invalid and I get to play on this account once more as a reformed, new player. If I'm wrong my apologies as I was definitely a toxic player.
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