So let me get this straight...

So in a game I have a Khazix. Right off the bat he sees them pick Ivern and goes "That's GG guys, please dodge or remake.' We tell him it will be all right. He continues moaning about it into minions spawning. He tries a bad gank mid, and dies says "That's why I wanted a remake." Does another bad gank dies again and proceeds to go off on us being noobs and trolls. Declares he's going to go AFK. Doesn't, but then gives up 3 more kills, continuing to call us noobs and trolls. A couple of us get annoyed and call him on it, stating that he is making bad decisions. He then proceeds to intentionally feed. As in walking down lane into the enemy, not attacking or anything, just walking past as they attack. He does this repeatedly. We all agree he is intentionally feeding. The enemy team agrees he is intentionally feeding. At the end of game he says he is reporting EVERY PLAYER IN THE GAME and e-mailing cropped footage to prove his point. We ALL report him for intentional feeding and unsportsman as he continues to berate us for being trolls. I take a break, come back 2 hours later and I've been punished, but received no confirmation that he has been? Is this for real? The cry baby trolls who intentionally feed get their way? I'm honestly blown away at this. I guess instead of taking the high road in games when people are toxic and such like Riot even suggests, I should flame everyone, then crop footage and make erroneous reports to Riot because THAT gets far better results.
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