Is there anyway I can know if someone I reported gets banned?

As the title says is there any way I can know for sure the person I reported gets banned? The player was support and gets into pregame lobby doesn't choose to indicate who they play, so that champion gets banned. They flame the person who banned it in pre-game. Get into the actual game and says "stfu or I will afk", proceeds to go AFK. I was jungler and they were playing morgana, they just go around and try to take as much jungle farm as they can, hug lanes for xp, and just stand around the map randomly. After they said they would go AFK they did not say anything else in game. We ended up almost pulling through as a team but ultimately lost. I have heard you do not always receive the notification when a player you reported got banned. Is there any way I can know for a fact that this player got banned? They cost me 21 LP and 30 minutes of my life. Even if this was a one off thing it should still be bannable right? I want to know they get punished.
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